Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer Wish List

So firstly I want to say sorry for my lack of blogging, but have been so super duper busy with my exams! Fortunately I only have one exam left – which is Spanish, so it’s a killer! But I am graduating in exactly a week and I cannot wait!

Even though I have been busy as a bee with revision I have spent some (a lot) time on looking at online shopping sites and added way too many things to my basket! There is exactly some specific things I know I am going to buy very soon, so I thought I would put them together and share it with you guys! 
So here’s some of the things that’s on my ”to get” –list for this summer!

Kimono with floral print 
Trianlg Bikini in the colour "Arizona Sunset" 
 White "low" Converse
Yellow blazer
Handbags from Zara
White jeans 

Let me know in the comments what your summer must haves are this year!

Love, Charlie
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Friday, 13 June 2014

Okay? Okay.

Okay? No, I am not okay. I just got stabbed in the heart with a million emotions! Reason? ‘The Fault in our Stars’.

Ever since I’ve read ‘The Fault in our Stars’ it has been one of my favourite books. John Green really knows how to write! The story, the characters and the amazingly beautiful quotes there are in the book – everything just made me fall in love with it. I like that even though it is about two people with cancer, it’s not only a book about cancer, but also about a beautiful love story.

So when ‘The Fault in our Stars’ movie premiered I just knew I had to see it! I went with my friends and saw it last night and can easily say it’s now one of my favourite movies. It totally lived up to my expectations and the Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff are the perfect Hazel, Gus and Isaac!

After seeing the movie I came to conclusion that I need an Augustus Waters in my life  - especially if he looks like Ansel ;)

Would love to hear your thoughts on both the movie and the book!
And if you haven’t seen it yet – or read the book – I highly recommend you to do both! I really wouldn’t mind seeing it once – or twice – times more!

If you have no idea of what 'The Fault in our Stars' is or who Hazel, Gus and Isaac are go check out the incredible trailer here: 

Love, Charlie

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer Nail Polishes

June is here, which means it is officially summer! Even though I have been so busy with my exams (pretty sure I’m not the only one?) I find time to do a little shopping. Now the thing is that I have a BIG love for nail polishes so couldn’t resist buying one – or two. In April I made a post about my favourite nail polishes for spring, so I thought, why not make one for summer too? – Especially now I just had two new nail polishes I was in love with! So here are my favourite nail polishes for summertime!

Essie “In Stitches”
This polish in in a deep red colour. Even though it’s dark I think that its pretty burgundy shade is perfect for summer.

Essie “Serial Shopper”
I LOVE this colour! It’s a gorgeous coral colour and it just reminds me of summer. After I saw this nail polish in the Essie stand I just knew I had to have it! I only just bought it so I haven’t actually worn it yet, just tried it on one finger, but I am in love. The colour it self just makes me really happy. 

Model Owns “Banana split”
What’s more summer-ish than yellow nails? Nothing! So this cute pale yellow shade is just perfect for the next three month! (and any other time you want to look summer-ish).

Essie "Fiji"
I know this colour was featured in my “Nail polishes for spring” post, but it’s really one of my absolute favourite nail polishes! And I think this pale baby pink colour is really good for summer too!

So these are some of the colours you can be sure to find on my fingers this summer! What is your favourite nail polished for summertime? J

Love, Charlie

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