Monday, 20 April 2015

How To: Deal With Hay Fever

I am one of those unfortunate persons who are suffering from hay fever. I thought since so many people are suffering with hay fever and the season is almost upon us I might as well write a post about my tips on how to make life easier when it is hay fever season.

Sunglasses are your best friend
And you need to have them near you all the time. Whenever you go outside always wear sunglasses. That way the pollen avoids getting into your eyes as much. My sunglasses are some Wayfarers from Ray Ban and the thing that is especially good about them in the hay fever season is that they are so big and really covers my eyes. And hey – wearing sunglasses even looks stylish so people aren’t going to notice that you actually are suffering while being outside. Sunglasses are also great for hiding if you have really red and watery eyes.

Minimum make up
If you are reacting to pollen like me and your eyes keeps getting watering and being annoying you should definitely keep back with the make up. A lot of eye makeup and foundations is not a good idea if your eyes keep irritating you. For example I don’t wear mascara on my lower lashes so that if my eyes should decide to be watery I can dry them without smudging my mascara out.

A shower a day, keeps the pollen away
In the pollen season I always takes a shower each evening. That way all the pollen that have been stuck to me (especially my hair) get to be washed off so I don’t take any pollen with my inside so my room and bed especially for the night is pollen free.

Remember you medicine
Of course it is important to remember to take you medicine against hay fever if you have some. Another really important thing that can help you a lot if to take some preventive medicine some months before the hay pollen is at is highest.

I know this post isn’t either beauty or fashion related, but I am pretty sure I am not the only person suffering from hay fever so thought these tips might be helpful. 

If you are suffering with hay fever too, please let me know in the comments how you deal with it!

Love, Charlie

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefit - Roller Lash Mascara

So time ago Benefit came out with a new mascara – the Roller Lash mascara. I have read a lot of reviews for this mascara, but it took me a while before finally deciding that I needed to try it.

I am very picky when it comes to mascara, I find one I like and then use it for years. I am so afraid of trying new mascaras, so I just keep me to what I know I like. I am a very big fan of They’re Real mascara (also from Benefit) so I thought that I would probably like the Roller Lash mascara now that those two comes from the same brand.

So after reading a lot of blog reviews on it I went out and bought the Roller Lash mascara and I am so happy I did it!  I absolutely LOVE this mascara!

At first I was a bit sceptic because as you can se on the picture below the brush for this mascara seems quite small. But somehow it does not mean anything, as it makes my lashes so curly and long. The issue I have had with previous mascaras is that they add a lot of volume to my lashes, but no length. But this mascara just makes my lashes so perfect. I do have quite long eyelashes naturally, but now they are just extra long, curly and voluminous. And to top it al off the design on the mascara is just so cute! I can’t complain.

If you haven’t tried the Roller Lash mascara yet and are either deciding with yourself whether you should to try it or just for the look out for a new mascara to try, I can only recommend this one. I am so happy with it and I am defiantly going to be my go-to mascara for a while now!

Have you tried the Roller Lash mascara yet? Let me know in the comments what you think about itJ

Love, Charlie

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jealous Body Scrub

This is such an exciting post for me to write! The brand Jealous Body recently contacted me. They asked if I wanted to try one of their body scrubs in return for me to write a review on my blog. I thanked a big YES and then a few days later a package came to my house. I was so excited to trying it. I got the Jealous Body Scrub with coconut and Coffee. Sounds pretty good to me.

When you first get the scrub you get it in this cute little brown paper bag. There are 200g/7oz in the bag, so I’d say it would last for a couple of weeks depending on how much you use. It does suggest that you use 1-3 hand scoops to your whole body. So that is what I did. On the package it says that the scrub is good at reducing cellulite, stretch marks and other imperfections. So I am curious about seeing after using it for two weeks if I can see & feel a difference in my skin. 

I used it after my bath while my skin was wet and damp. At first it felt really weird to scrub it on my skin, because it was like I was putting coffee all over me! After you have scrubbed your body you let it stay for 5-10 minutes before you rinse it off. Rinsing it off felt amazing. I don’t think my skin has ever felt so soft before! Especially when you have just shaved your legs it was amazing. Until now I can only recommend trying out The Jealous Body scrub if you are looking for a body scrub! I am already looking forward to my next shower so I can scrub my body in this gorgeous product! A plus thing is that it smells of coffee! I love the smell of coffee; if you do too this scrub will be a dream to you! If you are interested in trying out this body scrub, you can order it from the website here

I also want to thank the Jealous Body company so much for sending me their product xxx !

What is your favourite body scrub? Let me know in the comments J

Love, Charlie 

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Asos Wish List - Spring Edition

Ah! It’s spring again – finally! We are now one month into spring seeing as yesterday was April 1st.

Lately I have been online shopping a lot. Well I haven’t bought anything yet, but my basket is filled up with stuff I really want to come live in my wardrobe this spring. One of the sites I have been using a lot has been Asos.
I went through my “saved items” page earlier this week and thought there was a lot of stuff in there so I might as well do a wish list of it! So here it is, my Asos wish list – spring edition! Enjoy! 

If you are interested in seeing the clothes on the website, just click them in the caption below the picture and it will guide you right over at Asos. 

From left to right:
Warehouse Jersey Pleated Skater Dress
ASOS Skater Skirt in Jersey
Motel Tiara Smock Dress In Lotus Flower Print 
ASOS PETITE Lace Hem Skirt
Fashion Union Pleated Mini Skirt

Adidas Originals X Farm Mono Sweatshirt 
T-Shirt with Iridescent Foil Print
Colour Block Baseball Top
X Tunic With Special One Applique
Oasis Dog Tooth Crop Collar Jumper

Nike Air Max Ultra Moire Green Trainers 
Jack Wills Tweed Rollesby Leggins
ASOS Lace Halter Crop & Short Pyjamas Set
That's "all" I have on my spring wish list so far. Let me know in the comments your must have items this spring:)? 

Love, Charlie

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