Saturday, 2 December 2017

November Favourites

Hey guys and happy December! 

As it is the start og December I thought it would be a good time to share my November Favourites with you guys.

Since I recently have started a youtube channel - which I am so excited about - I have filmed my favourites instead. I will link the video below and I really hope you will enjoy it!

The things I am mentioning:

Revlon Uniq One
Hair Treatment Lotus Flower

Foaming Sonic Facial Soap

Urban Outfitters
Bedding with sloths

Liquid Suede Lipstick in the shade “Vintage”

Marc Jacobs
Daisy Dream Luminous Bodylotion

What have been your favourite things in November? Please let me know in the comments :-)

I really hope you will help my grow my channel and subscribe it would make me so happy xx You can find my channel here
Also if you have a youtube channel, please link it in the comments so I can check it out :-)

Love, Charlie xx 

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Exciting News!


I have something very exciting to share with you! 
After many years of consideration I have decided to make a YouTube channel.
 It was a big decision and I am very nervous to be uploading my first ever video, but also very excited as I already have a few other videos planned. 

I have watched youtube videos for such a long time and have always been thinking “I want to do that” but I just never had the courage to do it. I made my blog in 2014 and thought of it as a start since I felt more comfortable with writing and taking pictures than putting a video with myself online and really putting my self “out there”. 

Lately I have lost the motivation to blog, but have come up with a lot of ideas for videos - especially now that it is Christmas time. I then decided the other day that now is the time. Maybe no-one will like or even watch my videos, but I do this for me and not for anyone else. 

I have always love filming videos and editing, so I also see this as a hobby for me and then hopefully  people will like what I upload. 
If I should put my videos and channel into a category it would probably fit under “Lifestyle” but with a lot of other things too. I will include some beauty videos, but as I don’t see my self as someone who is great at doing makeup I find filming tutorials a bit too scary. I love baking, so I would love to film some baking videos too. Otherwise it will be videos I think you guys will enjoy and I am so excited to share my ideas with you! 

If any of you has a youtube channel - new or old - please let me know, leave your channel link in the comments I would love to check them out and subscribe to some new channels :-)

I really hope you will like my videos and please subscribe if you do - it would make me very happy :)x

My channel can be found here and under “Charlotte Aaen”.

My first video  “10 facts about me”:

Hope you enjoy and I cannot wait for you to see what else I have planned!

Love, Charlie xx 

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Makeup Look For Going Out //Autumn

Hey guys, it’s been a while, but I am back and I have a lot of ideas for my blog in December, where I am going to write some more Christmas themed post and I cannot wait!

Lately I have been really lazy when it comes to my make up and on normal days, where I just go to school, I haven’t actually worn any make up at all. 
But when there has been a special occasion I have been going with this (picture below) look! 
This is my go-to look for going out on special occasions at the moment:

What I a wearing (on my face) :
Powder: MAC 
Primer: Urban Decay - Primer Posion
Eyeshadow: MAC -“Satin Taupe” on the whole lid and then “Mystery” (again by MAC) on the crease
Mascara: Benefit - “Roller Lash”
Lipstick: NYX, Liquid Suede “Vintage”
Blush: NARS - “Dolce Vita”

What are your favourite makeup look for a special occasion at the moment?
 Let me know in the comments 😃 

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Love, Charlie xxx

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hello October + Update

Hi!.. and happy October!

I cannot believe it is already October! Like, where has this year gone? I felt like it has just been January. 

Even though the summer is over and so is the good weather I don't mind it.  I am so ready for "sweater weater". I mean it is the season of cozy jumpers, candles are lit, hot drinks and snuggles in bed. Who doesn't like that? 

Also the season changing means you have an excuse to buy more clothes. I know that I am going to go crazy when it comes to buying new jumpers. I really need some new warm and cozy jumpers. And beanies! Let's not forget beanies! I am actually quite excited to wear beanies again. 

Another reason why I am quite happy with it being October is that I have 1 week free of school this month. In Denmark, where I live, we have this thing called "Autumn Holiday" so each year we have a week off of school in the middle of October. This year I have had exams twice in the first week of October (had one yesterday and have one Thursday too) so I just can't wait to have a week off! 

Also a little update to why I haven't been posting for so long. I have really lost the motivation for blogging, which is really sad because I really like to blog and the whole blogging community. 
But it seems like a phase of writers block because right now I really want to get back to blogging! With Christmas right around the corner it also gives a lot of opportunities for post ideas. 
On that note I actually have been thinking about starting a youtubechannel. I am so tempted to start making videos and I really want to start before Christmas as I have some ideas for Christmas related videos. 

If you have a youtube channel please leave your link + if you have some advise of tips for starting a channel please let me know ! xx

Hope you all have a great October and a festive Halloween :) 

Charlie xxx 

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

What I've Been Up To This Week


I thought I would share a recap of what I have been up to this week and also share some of the pictures I have been taking. This is a new post “series” that I would like to post every week - hence why it is #18, because this week is number 18 even though this is the first post. 
I really hope I can keep posting this every week, so that I will at least post twice a week. That is my goal. Hope I can keep it.

Anyhow - welcome to my week!

This week has been boring and busy at the same time. I have been writing my exam that’s due this Monday. So I haven’t been doing anything fun, but I’ve been really busy. 

Tuesday something exciting happened (for me at least) I hit 1000 followers on Twitter! A goal I sat for this month, but never thought it would happen so fast! Thank you so much to everyone who has been following x If you’re not following me you can do it right here    ;-). I have also followed some new bloggers and discovered new blogs, read and enjoyed them when I needed a little break from studying. 

New shoes! Got these for my birthday and I just LOVE them! The colour is my favourite and they are so comfortable to wear. They feel so light and is to nice for you foot. 

This week the pollen numbers has also gone a bit crazy, so the pollen season has struck and I have been hiding inside all week haha oh the joy of hay fever. Last year I actually did a post about dealing with hay fever. You can read it here

Here are some of the pictures I took during this week:

Got these gorgeous shoes for my 22nd birthday last Friday. I love them! The colour is so pretty and they are the most comfortable shoes ever to wear. They are from the brand Vagabond. 

Took this of the sky the other day. I love when the sky is a mix of blues and reds/pinks. It is so beautiful. 

Being back at blogging I made an Instagram for my blog the other day and it is almost at 100 followers! Thanks if you are following and if not you can follow me here ;-) I will follow back. 

I know this hasn't been the most exciting week, but I hope you enjoy reading anyway.

What have been the highlight from your week? Let me know in the comments :)

Love, Charlie

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