Sunday, 30 March 2014

Things I've Been Loving This Month

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So since March nearly over, I thought I would make a monthly favourite post and share some of the things I’ve been loving this month. I personally love to read others posts about their favourite things, so I thought should give it a go. So here we go:  

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
The first thing I’ve have been absolutely loving this month has been the Urban Decay Naked3 palette. A lot of people have talked about this palette in quite a few months now and thought I would try it too. I don’t have any of the other Naked palettes so I was quite excited to try this one. The reason I was so hooked on the Naked3 was because of its colours. I love the rose, beige, and brown colours it consists of. Something I really like about this palette is that out of the 12 colours there are both shimmer, glittery and matte colours. Most of the eye shadows I own are with shimmer or glitter so I am so glad that I finally have some matte colours as well.

L’Oreal Pure Micellar Cleaning Water
I like to try out new cleaning waters and make-up remover, as I don’t really have found one I really liked. I randomly came across the L’Oreal Pure Micellar Cleaning Water one day I was out shopping. I must admit the only reason I bought was because I found its bottle pretty and not because I had heard about it. But I am really glad I did buy it!
On the bottle it says it’s for dry and sensitive skin and you can really feel that when you put in on. Also I am very clumsy, so I normally tend to get my make-up remover in my eyes and it stings terribly, but with this one – if you get in it your eyes by accident - it just feels like getting water in your eyes. it doesn’t irritates the eyes. It’s without perfume and it’s hypoallergenic which always is a good thing. How it feels on your skin probably varies from skin type to skin type, but it works really good for me and I am happy with my purchase and can only recommend others to try this as well.

NARS Lipstick: Vendanges
Another thing I love at the moment is my NARS lipstick in the shade Vendanges. I have loved this lipstick in a very long time now and have been wearing it almost everyday this month. It’s in a very neutral colour – almost the same as my lips, but with a bit more colour and also with shine. The lipstick is very soft and it feels like a lip balm which probably also is why I have used it so much cause it never leaves my lips dry.

Essie Nail polish: Fiji
Now that it’s springtime I like to colour my nails in happy spring colours. One of my favourite this month is the Essie “Fiji” nail polish. Fiji is in a pale baby pink colour. Therefore it’s for spring and it’s very natural so you can wear it with almost every outfit.

Essie Top Coat: Let It Shine
I am slightly obsessed with nail polishes, but for some odd reason I have never owned a topcoat. I just bought this “Let It Shine” topcoat from Essie last week and I’m already in love with it! It adds such a beautiful shine to your nails and it is pretty amazing how much of a difference it actually makes. Besides giving your nails a shining look it also keeps your nail polish from falling off.  Last week I had worn the same colour nail polish on my nails the whole week without even some of it falling off, which I really like.

Maybelline: The Falsies Mascara
This mascara has literally been the only mascara I have been using for almost a year. I just really love it and it really makes my lashes so much longer! Also I like that you don’t have to put much of in on before you can see a difference. I hate those mascaras where you have to put layer after layer before there’s any difference.

These were just some of the products that I enjoyed using throughout March. Hope you enjoyed reading it :)



  1. That NARS lipstick looks gorgeous! x Laura

  2. that lipstick colour is gorgeous! i've been looking for a colour like this for ages :)

    hannah xo

  3. I really want to try the Maybelline falsies mascara because everyone has been raving about them, and I used a similar version of this which I found to be really good!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I can only recommend you to try it! I'm sure you won't regret it! and if you haves used one similar you'll probably like this one too! :)

  4. I NEED the Naked 3 palette! Such a beautiful selection of colours, and that lipstick looks lovely. Definitely need to check that one out! x

  5. Great post! I found your blog through twitter! Good luck with blogging :) and enjoy it! :)

  6. great selection of prodicts doll love the miccelar water!


  7. I'm a fan of the NAKED3 palette!


  8. I'm really interested in getting a NARS lipstick, the colour is gorgeous! xxx

    heather ♥


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