Friday, 11 April 2014

What's In My Bag?

So hands down since I’m a pretty nosy person I love to read posts about what other people have in their bags. Therefore I thought it would be ideal to share with you guys what I’m recently carrying around in my handbag.

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My bag is pretty big considering I’m not carrying around much stuff right now, but I use it for school so there has to be room enough for my computer and books as well.  
I have some random, but useful things in my bag.

First I have a bottle of water. You never know when you’ll get thirsty and sometimes I just like to drink water because I’m bored (this happens a lot when I'm in school). I also always carry a pack of gum, which I like to keep in a Mentos bottle, that way I don’t find the gums to fall out in my bag as easily as if they were in their normal paper packaging. I also have a train card and my keys. Since I tend to get dry hands so easily an important and essential thing for me is hand cream. I have the "Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails" hand cream. I must admit it’s not as moisturizing as I would like it to be, but it’s the only hand cream I have at the moment  - really need to get me a new one, any recommendations? The good thing about this, though is that it smells amazing. One of the most important things I carry with me is my purse. It’s a small brown leather purse and I really like it because of its size. In my purse I have lose change, my credit card, health insurance card, some random gift cards and a lot of old receipts. I also have my iPhone (iPhone 4S, I don’t have a picture of it since I’ve been using it to take those pictures…I really need a real camera :b) and my headphones which I literally don’t go anywhere with out.

In my bag I also have my makeup bag.

If I’m going out on a normal day I just have a few things in it. I have a gold heart shaped mirror – it’s always a good idea to carry a mirror with you! Then I have my MAC pressed powder in the number NC55 and a little brush. I also have bobby pens and some hairbands. My nails tend to break a lot, so I always have a nail file with me just in case I’ll need it.I also always carry a painkiller pill with me if I'll get a headache during the day.  I also have some lip products with me. I have the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lipstick/lip balm and I just love it! It’s really good for dry lips. 

The last two products I have are two lipsticks. 
NARS Vendanges, MAC Retro

I have my NARS lipstick in the colour Vendanges, which is my favourite lipstick so wherever I’m going I just put that in my bag. The last lipstick I carry with me is a MAC Lipstick in the colour Retro. Retro is in a deep red color. 

Those were some of the things I have been carried around in my bag recently. What are the things you guys just need to have your handbags? J  



  1. I have a small Betsey Johnson satchel, so I don't carry much. I just have my wallet, pantyliners, cellphone, lip products I'm wearing, and a fragrance.


  2. I wanted to do a post like this, I just wasn't sure on how to plan it!
    I love the colours of those lipsticks!
    Great post!

    Taylor McPherson x

    1. would love to see you post if you did one:)! Thank you! x

  3. Hello, I was just browsing blogs & I stumbled on your blog - It is really amazing! I love the posts you do! Nothing like a great blog, look forward to reading more posts :) best wishes!

  4. MAC Retro looks GORGEOUS, what a stunning shade! x

    lillies and lipbalm


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