Saturday, 24 May 2014

May Favourites

May is already soon over and summer is coming! 
 So I thought it was time for me to share some of the things I have been loving during May so here is my May favourites!

Benefit Porefessional
The first thing I have loved this month is the Benefit Porefessional face primer. I recently got two mini Porefessionals when buying a other Benefit product. So it is completely random I have it, but I love it! Not only does it helps keeping pores away is also leaves your skin so incredible soft! Honestly I am really surprised how soft my skin feels after I have put it on! I mostly use it around my nose. After using it for about two weeks now, I am determined to get the big one finished the small mini ones I got. I really understand why a lot of people have been raging about this product can only recommend it!

Topshop Jeans
You can see the jeans on Topshop's website here
Lately the weather has been so lovely so I got a chance to wear a bit more summer clothes. I recently bought these jeans from Topshop and I just love them! I really like the colours and the print. As I normally just wear black or grey jeans it’s nice with a change and a bit of colour! I just think these jeans are very cute and summer-ish!

Redken All Soft Conditioner
Long time ago I used the Redken soft conditioner, but then stopped. Recently I started using it again and I must say, I really forgot how much I love it! It makes my hair so soft and less frizzy! It also makes my hair a bit thinner (if it makes sense). My hair is very thick and I have natural curls, so this conditioner helps to keep my curls more wavy and less crazy.   

NARS Lipstick: Afghan Red
Again, since the weather has been so much better lately I have also wanted to start wearing more colour – including on my lips! The lipstick I have been loving – and wearing a lot – lately a NARS one in the colour “Afghan Red”. It is in a gorgeous dark pink colour and I just love it. Also the thing I really love about NARS lipsticks is that they are so moisturizing for my lips! It literally feels like wearing lip balm! 
Here's what the lipstick looks on:

Song: All of The Stars

The last thing I have been crazy about this month has been a new song by Ed Sheeran. It’s called “All of The Stars” and is from the soundtrack to the film “The Fault in Our Stars”. I really love Ed Sheeran, every song he makes is incredible! And this one is no exeption! Have listened to it all the time after my friend showed it to me. I think I’m obsessed. Here’s the song, so if you haven’t listen to it yet, you can now!

Those were the things I have been loving throughout May! What have been the things you have enjoyed throughout May? J

Love, Charlie

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  1. I wear Topshop Leigh jeans in denim all winter and love the pattern you have posted! Can't wait to but these! xxx

    Pink Polka Dot & Popcorn

    1. Wear the Topshop jeans all the time too - it's basically the only ones I own! You're gonna enjoy wearing them! :D xx

  2. Love the topshop jeans, I'm currently on the hunt for some light coloured ones for summer.

    Keli xx

    1. Me too! these are the only one I have found so far, but I really need some light jeans for summer! xx

  3. I love those jeans, very summery! Danielle xx


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