Monday, 20 April 2015

How To: Deal With Hay Fever

I am one of those unfortunate persons who are suffering from hay fever. I thought since so many people are suffering with hay fever and the season is almost upon us I might as well write a post about my tips on how to make life easier when it is hay fever season.

Sunglasses are your best friend
And you need to have them near you all the time. Whenever you go outside always wear sunglasses. That way the pollen avoids getting into your eyes as much. My sunglasses are some Wayfarers from Ray Ban and the thing that is especially good about them in the hay fever season is that they are so big and really covers my eyes. And hey – wearing sunglasses even looks stylish so people aren’t going to notice that you actually are suffering while being outside. Sunglasses are also great for hiding if you have really red and watery eyes.

Minimum make up
If you are reacting to pollen like me and your eyes keeps getting watering and being annoying you should definitely keep back with the make up. A lot of eye makeup and foundations is not a good idea if your eyes keep irritating you. For example I don’t wear mascara on my lower lashes so that if my eyes should decide to be watery I can dry them without smudging my mascara out.

A shower a day, keeps the pollen away
In the pollen season I always takes a shower each evening. That way all the pollen that have been stuck to me (especially my hair) get to be washed off so I don’t take any pollen with my inside so my room and bed especially for the night is pollen free.

Remember you medicine
Of course it is important to remember to take you medicine against hay fever if you have some. Another really important thing that can help you a lot if to take some preventive medicine some months before the hay pollen is at is highest.

I know this post isn’t either beauty or fashion related, but I am pretty sure I am not the only person suffering from hay fever so thought these tips might be helpful. 

If you are suffering with hay fever too, please let me know in the comments how you deal with it!

Love, Charlie

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