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7 Reasons To Love Autumn

S T A R T I N G    A G A I N
Hey – hi, I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but now I am back and determined that I will keep this blog regularly updated! Hopefully my goal about keep updating my blog weekly will last a bit longer this time.

It’s already October 2nd! I think that September has flown by and that the summer disappeared way too fast. For a girl like me, who absolutely love summer and all things summer-ish it can get a bit depressing when the season is changing to autumn. The sun disappears, the leaves fall of the trees and it gets freaking cold outside. So instead of sulking about how the sad is it, that now we have to wait a whole year for the summer (yeah, I’m a really big fan of summer, okay) I thought I would make a list of all the great things about autumn. Because I have to admit that even though I love the summer to death there is something really cozy and nice about autumn too. So I came up with my 7 favourite reasons to love autumn.

Drinking loads of hot drinks
As it’s getting autumn it’s also getting way colder outside. This means that it is the perfect occasion to make a hot cuppa your daily accessory. Whether you are a true tumblr girl and love your pumpkin spice latte, just are crazy about hot coco or you just really enjoy a cup of hot regular tea – or like me is obsessed with chai tea – autumn means multiple cups per day and it has never been more cozy ever.  

Sweater weather
What screams autumn and cozyness more than wearing a lot of knitted sweaters? Not much if you ask me. This is the season where you can practically live in your sweater. Pair it up with some fluffy socks and you’re good to go.

Reading a book
Since it getting a lot colder outside, we tend to spend more time inside, preferably under a blanket or a duvet. Which is the perfect time to read. It can be a reread of your favourite book, finishing up the book are in the middle of or maybe starting on that book you bought over the summer, but just never really had the time actually read.

It’s colder outside= It’s also colder inside = it’s time to light up those candles! If you have scented candles with a lot of autumn-ish scents it cannot get anymore perfect.

Dark makeup
Okay, the title may seem a bit bleak, but I do love dark makeup such as dark toned lips and nails. My favourite is all things in a burgundy/brown-ish shade. For lips my absolute favourite autumn colour is my Mac lipstick in the colour “Media”. It is a brown/burgundy colour and it is really great for autumn and it suits my dark skin tone really well I think. When it comes to nail polish I am in love with a polish from Essie in the colour “Sole Mate”. It is a very dark burgundy colour and looking at the bottle it just screams autumn. 
Do you have any favourite lipstick + nail polishes for autumn?

Fairy lights
If you like me just love fairy lights, now is the time to overdo a little when decorating your room for the new season. As is gets darker outside and darker earlier in the afternoon fairy lights is the perfect solution to turn your room into the most cozy place to be. I know for sure that I have to go out at buy me a few more fairy lights to brighten up room.  

Days of cozyness
Since it’s getting colder outside and darker too, autumn is the best reason cuddle up with loads of blankets and just watch some good films / Netflix. I must admit I like to do this all year around though, but now you can blame the weather and coldness for your lack of productivity and just spend all day having a cozy time in your bed.

Those are some of my favourite things about autumn. What do you like the most about this season? Let me know in the comments J

Love, Charlie

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  1. I love Autumn too! Especially being able to have a good excuse to stay in bed and snuggle

    Sophie xx

    That's Groovy blog


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