Thursday, 17 December 2015

Things To Love About Christmas

It’s a week till Christmas! What! Where did the time go? With school almost over and the holiday approaching really fast it’s time to get really Christmasy! (and let’s forget the fact that I suck at updating my blog and haven’t posted since October). 

I am one of those people who loves Christmas and get in the Christmas spirit way before December 1st. Christmas 100% is my favorite holiday. 

As I haven written anything in a while now (oops, sorry) I really have to get back into blogging. So since there is exactly a week until Christmas I thought I would share some of the things I love most about Christmas time.
Hope you enjoy !:)

Christmas lights
Everywhere you go there are Christmas lights. Nothing says Christmas more than a lot of lights and it is the most cozy thing ever and it just make me so happy. If I could I would have my whole room decorated with fairy lights - also when it’s not christmas. 

Candy, peppernuts, Christmas cookies, gingerbread people, candy corn, marzipan, a lot of chocolate. Nothing is better than the candy/ sweets you can get when it is Christmas time. And because it is december you don’t need an excuse to eat a lot of sweeties everyday - yay. 

Christmas Dinner
One thing you always do at Christmas is to eat.  Eat, eat and eat. And honestly even though you may feel fat in the end of December it is the best thing. There is food everywhere and it all tastes wonderful! 

Christmas music
I start singing along to the radio when it in late November starts playing Christmas music. Nothing gets you in the mood for Christmas like jamming around to good old Christmas music. Nobody can get tired of listening to Christmas music. 

Christmas Films
When it’s december you have to watch tons of Christmas films! And fortunately the TV stations always sends a lot of them up to Christmas. Everybody have there favourite Christmas film. What are yours? I think mine is a tie between The Holiday and Love Actually (Yeah, I’m a sucker for anything romantic).  

Buying and wrapping presents
Buying Christmas presents can be really stressful, but at the same time I find it really fun! Finding the perfect present for your mum, dad, boyfriend, friend, family member etc. is one thing, but the best part of present buying it to wrap the present. I love spending time to wrap present in festive looking wrapping paper, making bows and just really decorate it nicely. And then of course putting all the presents under the Christmas tree so it’s all ready for Christmas evening - or morning, depends on when you open your presents. 

Advent Calenders
What’s better than being allowed to get a piece of chocolate every morning? okay, maybe as I got older it wasn’t that exciting, but when you are a kid there’s nothing as good as waking up on a december morning to open up your advent calendar. And I must admit I still love advent calendars. One of my friends were so sweet to buy me an advent calendar this year and I’m so happy about it. 

Spending time with the people you love
If I have to choose one reason to why Christmas is my favorite holiday it would definitely be because you get to spend time with all the people you love. I know you do that in other holidays too, but there are just something special about Christmas. Everybody is in a good mood and it’s just so nice to have Christmas day (and the days up to) with your family doing the same traditions you have been doing since were a little kid. So whether it’s spending time with your besties, old friends you haven’t seen in a while, your boyfriend or your family it’s just really great. Especially when you can get really cozy and Christmassy and don’t have to stress about school, exams or work. You can just relax and enjoy spending time with the people you care about and that’s my absolutely favourite things about Christmas.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? Let me know in the comments :)

Love, Charlie 

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  1. My favourite christmas movie is It's a Wonderful Life. I love the weird way that James Stewart talks :P


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