Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hello October + Update

Hi!.. and happy October!

I cannot believe it is already October! Like, where has this year gone? I felt like it has just been January. 

Even though the summer is over and so is the good weather I don't mind it.  I am so ready for "sweater weater". I mean it is the season of cozy jumpers, candles are lit, hot drinks and snuggles in bed. Who doesn't like that? 

Also the season changing means you have an excuse to buy more clothes. I know that I am going to go crazy when it comes to buying new jumpers. I really need some new warm and cozy jumpers. And beanies! Let's not forget beanies! I am actually quite excited to wear beanies again. 

Another reason why I am quite happy with it being October is that I have 1 week free of school this month. In Denmark, where I live, we have this thing called "Autumn Holiday" so each year we have a week off of school in the middle of October. This year I have had exams twice in the first week of October (had one yesterday and have one Thursday too) so I just can't wait to have a week off! 

Also a little update to why I haven't been posting for so long. I have really lost the motivation for blogging, which is really sad because I really like to blog and the whole blogging community. 
But it seems like a phase of writers block because right now I really want to get back to blogging! With Christmas right around the corner it also gives a lot of opportunities for post ideas. 
On that note I actually have been thinking about starting a youtubechannel. I am so tempted to start making videos and I really want to start before Christmas as I have some ideas for Christmas related videos. 

If you have a youtube channel please leave your link + if you have some advise of tips for starting a channel please let me know ! xx

Hope you all have a great October and a festive Halloween :) 

Charlie xxx 

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