Friday, 1 December 2017

Exciting News!


I have something very exciting to share with you! 
After many years of consideration I have decided to make a YouTube channel.
 It was a big decision and I am very nervous to be uploading my first ever video, but also very excited as I already have a few other videos planned. 

I have watched youtube videos for such a long time and have always been thinking “I want to do that” but I just never had the courage to do it. I made my blog in 2014 and thought of it as a start since I felt more comfortable with writing and taking pictures than putting a video with myself online and really putting my self “out there”. 

Lately I have lost the motivation to blog, but have come up with a lot of ideas for videos - especially now that it is Christmas time. I then decided the other day that now is the time. Maybe no-one will like or even watch my videos, but I do this for me and not for anyone else. 

I have always love filming videos and editing, so I also see this as a hobby for me and then hopefully  people will like what I upload. 
If I should put my videos and channel into a category it would probably fit under “Lifestyle” but with a lot of other things too. I will include some beauty videos, but as I don’t see my self as someone who is great at doing makeup I find filming tutorials a bit too scary. I love baking, so I would love to film some baking videos too. Otherwise it will be videos I think you guys will enjoy and I am so excited to share my ideas with you! 

If any of you has a youtube channel - new or old - please let me know, leave your channel link in the comments I would love to check them out and subscribe to some new channels :-)

I really hope you will like my videos and please subscribe if you do - it would make me very happy :)x

My channel can be found here and under “Charlotte Aaen”.

My first video  “10 facts about me”:

Hope you enjoy and I cannot wait for you to see what else I have planned!

Love, Charlie xx 

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